This service is exclusively for students on the Spanish Language immersion programmes. Our host families are very carefully selected and all have easy access to Academia Teba.  This type of accommodation refers to sharing a home with a Spanish family and includes the following:

– Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

– The type of room can be*:

  1. Single room
  2. Double room (2 x single beds)
  3. Triple room (3 x single beds)
  4. Weekly laundry

*The last two options are for students who are coming together.


  • It is necessary to specify any allergies to animals, food, medication or food products on the registration form.
  • It is also useful to provide any other additional information regarding the students lifestyle, food preferences and interests so that we can find the most compatible host family match.
  • This accommodation option does not permit the student to use the kitchen. The host family takes responsibility for planning, preparing and cooking the meals.
  • The student should be respectful of the host family’s schedule. He /she should take into account the normal bedtime for the family and try to avoid disturbances. (eg. no showering late at night or no loud noise after a certain time)
  • Students also need to take into consideration that the typical Spanish schedule may be different to the one in their home country.